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Launch, manage monetize communities, create landings,
data rooms, and run token sale events.
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Welcome to
JoinChat Messenger

Welcome to JoinChat

Planning to build a community for a Blockchain product? We provide solutions for content moderation, chat room segregation, community analysis tools, native marketing tools, and the ability to sell project tokens. These features allow for connections to be built between projects and their audiences.

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How JoinChat Works

JoinChat is born to manage community.
  • A messenger, blog, social media integration, and reputation-based listing that is achieved rather than bought. All in one app.
  • Create groups and channels based on objectives, languages, and interests.
  • Try functionality that is suitable for the constant distribution of project information.
  • Qualitative and behavioral analysis of communities for advertising and audience interest evaluation purposes.
  • Try a cloud data room to dive deeper into the specifics of your project.
  • Assess the project’s success based on the involvement, loyalty, and scope of your community.
  • The concepts of content moderation and chat room segmentation, community analysis tools, built-in marketing tools, and the ability to sell tokens on the platform.
  • Present your project the way you want to - landing, presentation, lightpapers, teasers.
  • The number of token buyers interested in funding projects related to cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology.
  • Loyal participants provide tangible benefits to project teams who care for the fate of a token post emission.

Look how communities are growing.

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JoinChat Ecosystem

The Join.Chat messenger unites Projects, Communities, and the Join Chat Foundation. It is an ecosystem, in which the JOIN currency circulates. Ecosystem participants behave in a decentralized manner.
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How we blockchained the two main problems of modern messengers & ICOs.

With the help of blockchain technology we solved two current issues - the problem of individual trust among the members of the community, and the problem of trust for ICO projects. We developed a reputation system for members of the community and the projects themselves. The reputation scores are stored on the blockchain and cannot be changed by any party.
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  • Key Features of
    JoinChat Messenger

  • Listing

    Listing that can not be bought: the karma of all members of the community is summarized and determines the overall level of community karma that affects the rating in the overall listing of the JoinChat projects

    Binance Coin
    func_6 Protocol Financier Protocol higher karma Finance
  • Reputation

    Usage of blockchain to calculate and record the reputation of a particular user, who completed a task in the community

  • API

    API usage for working with third-party services - payment systems, banks and other services

    api C oinB a s e M e di u m MailChimp Ethereum
  • Automated bounty

    Automated management of relations with members of the bounty and airdrop campaigns: accounting of tasks, evaluation of efficiency, token payout.

  • Advertising

    The possibility of a massive centralized and transparent purchase of advertising for crypto projects on the background of ad bans on social networks, search engines, media and on forums.

    advertising S y dn e y A g e t o S y dn e y 30 S y dn e y 50
  • Founder’s Reward

    A well-crafted system of rewarding the founders of the community with JOIN tokens.

  • Post ICO

    Usage a messenger after tokensale, turning your audience into a full-fledged community.

    07 T ime 0 50,000 100,000 Members Before ICO Post ICO

Want to know more?

Wank to know more?

Product Roadmap

First Half of 2018

First Half of 2018

  • Chat frame with separate channels and project info
  • Communication channel with the project’s founders and support service
Second Half of 2018

Second Half of 2018

  • Capability to register projects and channels, invite users to the channels, as well as to add descriptions and documents
  • IOS and Android versions
  • Projects listing
  • Capability to collect cryptocurrencies within the project
First Half of 2019

First Half of 2019

  • Integration of Blockchain Reputation System
  • Reputation for users and communities
  • Advertising platform launch
Second Half of 2019

Second Half of 2019

  • Analytics systems launch
  • Rtb systems launch
  • Ad targeting and audience purchase features

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Join Chat and why would you use it?

    Join Chat is a public messenger, which uses blockchain to form, manage and monetize crypto communities, as well as to carry out token sales.

    The use cases of Join Chat are token sale events and instances of buying targeted traffic.

  • How exactly does Join Chat use blockchain?

    Join Chat uses blockchain limitedly - only to calculate community’s reputation. We are not planning to implement the DAO yet, as the problem of managing and scaling blockchain is not elaborated at the moment.

  • How do we attract new users?

    We have 3 main tools for that. The 1st one is a partnership with Cointraffic, the largest CPA net on the crypto market. The 2nd one is rewarding the most active community managers of new projects with JOIN tokens. The 3rd one is direct sales to new projects.

  • When will Join Chat token sale take place and what are the terms?

    The token sale will be completed in 3 stages: Private, Pre-Sale and Crowdsale. We are currently at the Private Sale stage and are accepting Whitelist applications to take part in Pre-Sale.

    You can find the description of all the features here.

  • What are the key features of Join Chat?

    Join Chat lets crowdfunding projects’ teams form and manage their communities, advertise themselves in Join Chat, arrange and conduct events and token sales including deals and transactions with community members.

  • Does Join Chat have an MVP?

    Yes, we do! You can open the web version using the following link. Our product roadmap can be found here.

    Mobile applications will be ready in September/October. Access will first be granted to the most outstanding projects and will become common later on.

  • Is there a natural demand for JOIN tokens?

    Tokens are issued in a limited circulation of 91,911,765 units.

    The more popular Join Chat gets, the higher is the demand for its services and, consequently, for JOIN tokens. Considering the limited issuance, this might lead to the increase in its value in the open market.

    Besides, by the terms of token circulation stated in the White Paper, Join Chat Foundation will burn not less than 60% of collected tokens for paying for messenger’s services.

  • What guarantees do we provide?

    The token sale is carried out by an Estonian company, in full accordance with the EU regulations. You can find Terms And Conditions of Pre-Sale and Crowd Sale stages here.

    You can ask any questions in Join Chat or on other social media.

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& best community hacks

We send only informative and truly marvelous e-mails twice a month